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Ballet Etudes | Nutcracker Auditions

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This past Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing the Nutcracker auditions for Ballet Etudes. It was a full day of dancers trying their best to claim a roll in a wonderful ballet. Children as young as seven were invited to audition. The studio was filled to the brim with eager dancers waiting to prove their skills and earn a position in the production.  This year marks the 30th anniversary of the studio’s Nutcracker production. It is one of the longest running productions in the Valley. Below are just a few images captured during the day of auditions. Ballet Etudes Nutcracker Audition

Arizona Professionals | Headshots

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On a beautiful Saturday in sunny Arizona, I hosted a headshot event with a team of amazing women. Jackie of JackieStyle, was gracious enough to not only open her home for the event, but helped every client with her own special touch. As a makeup artist and stylist, Jackie meticulously applied their makeup. She also double checked their wardrobe before the clients actually stepped in front of the camera for their headshot. Jean from Premier Designs, was also on hand. She provided the amazing finishing touches with her array of jewelry selections. Jean took everyone’s wardrobe into consideration while making her selections and recommendations. These ladies were the perfect team for such a wonderful event.

When preparing for the headshot event, I had no idea what types of professionals would attend. It’s my belief that everyone deserves a great portrait of themselves. With that in mind, I set out to make everyone confident in the new photo they would display across a variety of formats. A few clients needed a new headshot merely for social media profiles. Some of the professionals needed a headshot to use for speaking engagements. Others needed an updated picture for their website. All valid reasons for seeking an updated professional portrait.

The event was a huge success. There were a few people from the medical field in attendance. A tap dance studio owner and ballerina also stepped in for a new headshot. Small business owners also took a turn in front of my camera. I love helping people put their best face forward.

Headshots for Arizona Professionals


Nutcracker Ballet | Arizona Chinese Dancers

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Ballet Etudes 2015 Nutcracker

Following the arabian pair, a hilarious group of Chinese dancers take to the stage during the second act of The Nutcracker ballet. These characters will have the audience laughing at their lively personalities and charming enthusiasm. The energetic dancers put on a great performance while on the tips of their toes in pointe shoes. Fans, flirting, and fun are what they bring to the show.

You can catch their act in one of the twelve shows that Ballet Etudes performs for the East Valley. It’s hard to believe that such a young group of dancers can put on such a professional performance of The Nutcracker ballet. Don’t take my word for it, check them out at Chandler Center of the Arts or Mesa Arts Center this holiday season.


Nutcracker Ballet | Arizona Arabian Dancers

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Ballet Etudes 2015 Nutcracker

After two electrifying performances by the Spanish dancers and the Russian dancers, a new duo enter the scene to captivate the audience while allowing everyone to catch their breath. During the second act of The Nutcracker ballet, the Arabians join the party. The partners work seamlessly as they cover the stage; intertwined through their movements and the beautiful choreography. The music may be a little slower, but you won’t want to take your eyes of the pair.

I love this piece of the ballet. I’m always mesmerized by the way these dancers interact with one another. The connections between each other is beautiful. The lifts, the floorwork, the flexibility are all so inspiring. This is seriously one of my favorite pieces.

Ballet Etudes 2015 Nutcracker Ballet Etudes 2015 Nutcracker

The talented dancers take over Chandler Center for the Arts and Mesa Arts Center for three weekends. If you are in Arizona and visiting the East Valley during the holiday season, you should check out one of Ballet Etudes‘ performances. This is a wonderful way to introduce your family to the ballet. Come out and show your support for the local arts.

Nutcracker Ballet | Arizona Russian Dancers

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ballet etudes az russian dancers

Ballet Etudes‘ dancers hit the stage as an adorable troupe of Russian dancers. They are some of the entertainment you will find in the second act of The Nutcracker ballet. Once the music starts, many audience members will quickly recognize the piece. If you don’t believe me, check out Tchaikovsky’s Trepak here.

The troupe of dancers work together to dazzle the audience with their fancy footwork and choreography. Many times you can’t help but clap along; cheering them through their performance. The minute and ten second piece is jam packed with high energy from beginning to end. It’s amazing how these talented young dancers can perform not only one show but twelve with so much gusto.