Nutcracker Ballet | Arizona Spanish Dancers

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A spicy pair of dancers set out kick up the heat during the second act of The Nutcracker ballet. The Spanish duo take over the stage with a high intensity performance. Flashes of red and black tango through the scene in perfect harmony. The dancers pack a lot of fancy footwork into a quick paced piece. You won’t want to blink or you might miss something!


If you are in Arizona and visiting the East Valley during the holiday season, you should check out one of Ballet Etudes‘ performances. This talented group of dancers take over Chandler Center for the Arts and Mesa Arts Center for three weekends. This is the perfect event for introducing your family to the ballet.

Nutcracker Ballet | Arizona Palace & Pointe Shoes

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The second act of The Nutcracker ballet takes the audience away from the Stahlbaum house and the snow covered forest. The curtain, instead, rises on a palace full of elegant dancers and guests. Clara is greeted by the Court Fairy into this majestic setting. She has arranged for an evening filled with entertainment. Dancers from afar will perform amazing pieces to a captivated audience.


Nutcracker Ballet | Arizona Snow Flakes & Dancers

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Ballet Etudes Nutcracker

Living in Arizona’s East Valley, we don’t experience much for winter. Thankfully, with The Nutcracker ballet, we can enjoy a bit of snow during the holiday season. The dancers drift along the stage like lovely graceful snowflakes and flurries. Lacy tutus, jewelled bodices, and intricate headpieces adorn the ballerinas transforming them into delicate and lovely winter wonders. Magic happens while these talented ladies dance on pointe across the floor. The lighting, the fog, and the falling snow really sweep the audience into a whole new place.

The snow scene, in The Nutcracker ballet, has always been my favorite. As a child, I was always mesmerized by the ballerinas in white. Drawn to the glitz of their costumes. Wondering how they did what they did in those pointe shoes. As an adult, I am still in awe. The hard work these dancers do to make a piece look effortless and yet so stunning is inspiring. Don’t get me wrong, the glitzy costumes still peek my interest too.

2016-08-30_0002 2016-08-30_0003

The dancers at Ballet Etudes do a marvelous job during all twelve of their shows. Audience members are sure to be delighted to experience this type of snow in Arizona. If you’d like to take your family to a performance, you can catch them in two separate East Valley locations; Chandler Center for the Arts and Mesa Arts Center.

Nutcracker Ballet | Arizona Battle Beneath the Branches

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Ballet Etudes Nutcracker _1

“While the cat’s away, the mice will play.” The same can be said for those mice once the guest have left the Stahlbaum’s annual Christmas party. Clara wakes in the middle of the night and is transported to a magical land where toys battle those pesky mice beneath the tree branches. Thankfully the Nutcracker has been brought to life and rescues Clara from the Mouse King and his minions.

Ballet Etudes’ dancers do a fantastic job of bringing the magic of The Nutcracker story to life. Dancers as young as seven grace the stage as baby mice and baby dolls during the fight scene. Older dancers join the battle as either mice or soldiers. They fill the stage with big personality, action packed choreography, and eye catching costumes. Makes you wonder battles happen beneath Christmas tree branches every year.

Ballet Etudes Nutcracker _2 Ballet Etudes Nutcracker _3 Ballet Etudes Nutcracker _4

Mesa Arts Center and Chandler Center for the Arts are the perfect venues for this epic battle. The dancers of Ballet Etudes captivate audience members during their three weekends full of performances of The Nutcracker ballet.

Nutcracker Ballet | Arizona Dancers & Dolls

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ballet etudes nutcracker

No Christmas party would be complete without gifts. Thankfully Herr Drosselmeyer brought out two amazing dancing dolls while attending the Stahlbaum party. The ballerinas who perform as the beautiful mechanical doll and soldier delight the audience. They bring a bit of magic to the stage when they are brought to life with a turn of the key. The guests are impressed and awed as the two ballerinas dance gracefully on the tips of their toes in pointe shoes. They provide the perfect opening before the man of the hour arrives.

ballet etudes nutcracker az

The Nutcracker; the guest of honor. Herr Drosselmeyer unveiled his handcrafted gift with pizzazz. Clara couldn’t help but be impressed. She danced around the party showing off her nutcracker. Her friends join in on the celebration with their own little dolls. Fritz, Clara’s brother tries to steal him away. Thankfully, the Nutcracker is kept safe in Clara’s arms throughout the night.

ballet etudes nutcracker 2016-08-29_0006 2016-08-29_0008

If you want to catch Arizona dancers put on a spectacular show, I highly recommend Ballet Etudes The Nutcracker. A performance full of magic, intrigue, and talent. This annual event can be see starting in late November at Chandler Center for the Arts. Mid December, the show moves to Mesa Arts Center. Between the twelve shows, over three weekends, there’s sure to be an opportunity for you to bring your family. Make sure you come out and support local dancers this holiday season.