Nutcracker Ballet | Arizona Battle Beneath the Branches

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Ballet Etudes Nutcracker _1

“While the cat’s away, the mice will play.” The same can be said for those mice once the guest have left the Stahlbaum’s annual Christmas party. Clara wakes in the middle of the night and is transported to a magical land where toys battle those pesky mice beneath the tree branches. Thankfully the Nutcracker has been brought to life and rescues Clara from the Mouse King and his minions.

Ballet Etudes’ dancers do a fantastic job of bringing the magic of The Nutcracker story to life. Dancers as young as seven grace the stage as baby mice and baby dolls during the fight scene. Older dancers join the battle as either mice or soldiers. They fill the stage with big personality, action packed choreography, and eye catching costumes. Makes you wonder battles happen beneath Christmas tree branches every year.

Ballet Etudes Nutcracker _2 Ballet Etudes Nutcracker _3 Ballet Etudes Nutcracker _4

Mesa Arts Center and Chandler Center for the Arts are the perfect venues for this epic battle. The dancers of Ballet Etudes captivate audience members during their three weekends full of performances of The Nutcracker ballet.

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