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Ballet Etudes 2015 Nutcracker

After two electrifying performances by the Spanish dancers and the Russian dancers, a new duo enter the scene to captivate the audience while allowing everyone to catch their breath. During the second act of The Nutcracker ballet, the Arabians join the party. The partners work seamlessly as they cover the stage; intertwined through their movements and the beautiful choreography. The music may be a little slower, but you won’t want to take your eyes of the pair.

I love this piece of the ballet. I’m always mesmerized by the way these dancers interact with one another. The connections between each other is beautiful. The lifts, the floorwork, the flexibility are all so inspiring. This is seriously one of my favorite pieces.

Ballet Etudes 2015 Nutcracker Ballet Etudes 2015 Nutcracker

The talented dancers take over Chandler Center for the Arts and Mesa Arts Center for three weekends. If you are in Arizona and visiting the East Valley during the holiday season, you should check out one of Ballet Etudes‘ performances. This is a wonderful way to introduce your family to the ballet. Come out and show your support for the local arts.

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